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It is the financial function in business organizations, which is to support and rationalize the departments responsible for taking financial decisions, strategies, plans, goals, and financial policies. The financial function is related to all actions related to obtaining funds and their proper use in the organization. It represents one of the specialized functions of the organization as an independent tool related to investments, financing, returns and profits and how to dispose of them, including self-financing sources.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Defining the basic accounting concepts according to the basis: cash – accrual – rate.
  • Applying the accounting course and methods of recording and migrating accounting entries. And inventory adjustments.
  • Preparing the final accounts, the budget, as well as the financial reports.
  • Present the basic financial statements, their importance, and the benefits of each financial statement.
  • How to analyze and interpret financial statements for the purpose of making administrative and investment decisions.
  • Studying the issue of financial budgets, their importance, and how to link financial budgets to the institution’s goals and strategy.
  • Introduce the participant to how to prepare the sub-budgets and the main budget.
  • Developing skills in the basics of classifying budgets, analyzing and evaluating the financial position.
  • Training employees on the latest methods of financial analysis of financial statements and decision-making.


Workshop competition certificate from Our Media Training and Development Center.

Accredited certification from The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

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