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Skills of Voice Placement &Elocution

June 17, 2024
17:00 - 22:00
Our Media Group, Dubai

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When it comes to effective communication, the way we use our voice plays a crucial role. Voice placement refers to the technique of using our vocal apparatus to produce clear and resonant sounds. It involves understanding how to control the breath, articulate words, and project our voice. Developing skills in voice placement can greatly enhance our ability to communicate effectively, whether in public speaking, singing, or everyday conversations.

1. Breath Control

One of the fundamental skills in voice placement is breath control. Proper breathing techniques allow us to support our voice and produce a strong and steady sound. To achieve this, it is important to practice diaphragmatic breathing. This involves breathing deeply, expanding the diaphragm, and allowing the air to flow smoothly. By mastering this technique, we can have better control over our voice and avoid strain or vocal fatigue.

2. Posture and Alignment

Another important aspect of voice placement is maintaining proper posture and alignment. Good posture allows for optimal airflow and vocal resonance. When standing or sitting upright, the air passages are open, allowing the voice to resonate freely. Slouching or hunching can restrict the airflow and negatively impact voice projection. By maintaining a straight and aligned posture, we can ensure that our voice carries well and reaches our audience effectively.

3. Articulation and Diction

Clear articulation and diction are essential for effective communication. The way we pronounce words and articulate sounds can significantly impact how well our message is understood. Developing good articulation involves practicing proper tongue and jaw placement, as well as enunciating each word with clarity. By paying attention to our pronunciation and diction, we can ensure that our words are easily comprehensible and convey our intended meaning.

4. Vocal Resonance

Vocal resonance refers to the richness and depth of our voice. It is the result of proper voice placement and resonance techniques. To improve vocal resonance, it is important to focus on using the resonating spaces in our body, such as the chest, throat, and nasal cavities. By utilizing these spaces effectively, we can create a fuller and more resonant sound. This skill is particularly important for public speakers and singers who aim to captivate and engage their audience.

5. Projection and Volume Control

Being able to project our voice is crucial, especially in situations where we need to be heard by a larger audience. Voice projection involves using the breath and vocal apparatus to create a powerful and carrying sound. It requires a balance between breath support and vocal intensity. Additionally, having control over volume allows us to adjust our voice according to the situation, whether it’s speaking softly in a small room or projecting our voice in a large auditorium.

6. Vocal Warm-up and Maintenance

Just like any other skill, maintaining a healthy voice requires regular practice and warm-up exercises. Before any vocal performance or important conversation, it is beneficial to warm up the vocal cords and muscles. This can be done through gentle humming, lip trills, or vocal exercises designed to relax and prepare the voice. Additionally, staying hydrated and avoiding excessive strain on the voice are important for maintaining vocal health in the long run.

What will the trainee get at the end of the course?

-Certificate from KHDA

-Certificate from International Academy of arts ,media and creativity an additional fees


Our Media Group,Our Media Group
Dubai,Marasi Drive, Business Bay10468United Arab Emirates

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Voice Placement and Elocution Skills
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5 days
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17:00 - 22:00
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