Free Screen Test

The characteristics of a TV Presenters vary from one person to another. There are many specifications that must be met by the presenter to shine in the television presentation, such as good appearance and looking, knowledge, language, pronunciation, characters, body language and many more. Some of them can be acquired by training and practice and others by instinct and talent. The main strength is in personality and presence behind the camera.

Or Media Training & Development Center gives you the opportunity to try out your performance in front of the camera free of charge by presenting a short experimental newscast at Or Media Production Studio in Dubai to measure your skill in TV presentation, whether you need training or not.

Note: Or Media Training & Development Center has the right to accept or reject any application without giving reasons.

هذا العرض خاص لأعضائنا المسجلين في الموقع، الرجاء تسجيل دخولك في الموقع أو أنشئ حساب جديد مجاني معنا لكي تتمكن من الاستفادة من هذا العرض المجاني.

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