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Account & Payment

You are required to be a registered user in order to register and enrolled in the courses and get the most of the educational material and services on our website and to be eligible for discounts and offers of the Center from time to time, and your details will be mentioned at your certificate when completing any online course on the website.

No, the registration is free with no cost, it is fast and easy, all you need to provide are your first and last name, a valid Email address and password.

You can pay for your membership fees and or courses orders by a credit card securely, or a bank transfer, direct bank deposit or by cash.

All our students are registered and listed in the database of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority – United Arab Emirates for the purpose of documenting and Certificate Authentication, that why we collect your accurate information to be send to (KHDA) so you will be registered as an official student.

Yes we do offer a special discounts and offers if you are a group of students and willing to enroll in the same course at the same time, Just drop us a call or email and we will be more than happy to assist you. Also Accredited Media and PR Practitioner Network members has special discounts on all their courses purchase during the period of active membership.

The center has a well-defined set of prerequisites that a candidate has to meet in order to be admitted to any of the courses offered. Course prerequisites are mentioned at the end of each course outlines. Some courses require applicants to have a degree in journalism or practical experience in journalism for graduates of colleges other than media colleges. Courses of TV Graphics require candidates having some back ground of graphics software.

Yes, there are certificates issued at the end of the courses, written in both Arabic and English. There is a requirement for the trainee to achieve the certificate, including attendance of 80% of the course duration and obtaining 60% of the trainer’s assessment of the participant.

Yes, Our Media Training Center and Development is registered with Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) – United Arab Emirates, under the permit number (628163) and our certificates are accredited. The trainee will receive two certificates, one issued by the Center and the second by (KHDA).

You can authenticate the certificate issued by the center and (KHDA) by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and the Embassy of the country in which you wish to present the certificate. We can provide this service for our students with an additional.

Yes, we provide a morning and an evening course, just check the course timing at our website and you can register in it, and if you couldn’t find the course you are looking at the evening time, please contact us and we will try to arrange it for you and others.

Yes, the Center offers its training courses outside its headquarters in Dubai. To facilitate its services and reduce costs, the Center provides its training services anywhere, in accordance with the following policies:

1 – insist on providing the service at the same level of service that it provides at its headquarters in Dubai.

2- The commitment of the wishing party to provide all required technical training needs.

3. The commitment of the wishing party to control the process of participation in the courses with the same required conditions to enter the courses at the headquarters of the Center.

Accredited Media and PR Practitioner Network is a certificate grated to who is studying, working, teaching, or having experience in Media and Public Relations, or even for anyone wants to get in this field.

Accredited Media and PR Practitioner Network Membership provides all round support at every stage of your media and public relations career, from getting advises by our consultants and members, to special offers and discounts on bundles of training courses and online learning until you become a certified and accredited media practitioner, expert as well as an accredited media consultant.

There are 4 levels of membership:

  • Associate Media and PR Practitioner Network Membership is open to students, beginners and how has from 0 to 2 years of experience in Media or Public Relations.
  • Accredited Media Practitioner membership is open to you if you are working in Media or public relations field for more than 2 years.
  • Accredited Media Expert Media and PR Practitioner Network Membership is open to media & public relations practitioners holds a bachelor’s degree in media & PR or working in the field for more than 5 years.
  • Accredited Media Consultant Media and PR Practitioner Network Membership is open to media & public relations practitioners holds a bachelor’s degree and above in media & PR or working or teaching in the field for more than 7 years.

Career Progress Development is your way to get certified and accredited in your filed, you will get deferent number of points for any activity through our website, that includes login, participating and discussing with other members in your group, invite people to join the group, enrolling in physical and online courses and more. CPD points are must be collected to be officially accredited member.

No, the membership is for one year and it should be renewed every year to continue getting the benefit of the membership.

Virtual course is done live through zoom platform and can be attended at specific date and time, but E-learning courses are available forever on our website and can be enrolled any time and for lifetime access.

Most of our E-learning courses lessons are done by video presentation, and some of lessons might content animation, PDF, PowerPoint presentations and text. We use all possible learning material in our courses.

Yes, after completing attending all course lessons, click on (Mark Complete) button, it will take you to the course page where you can download your certificate and share it on social media too.

Your certificates are always available on the course page that you already completed, and in your profile page as well, to download it anytime you can go to (My certificates) from E-Learning Tap in your profile menu.

Your First and Last name you’ve selected in your profile will be printed on your certificate.

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