Our Story

Media Now days is the key factor in changing the direction of the events compass and influencing public opinion. Media is a medium for transmitting or directing information to the public. Therefore, the next coming decade or two are dedicated to Media and Technology as an alternative to economic Resources. Due to this we see extensive increase in development in both these sectors at varies Levels, so we must revive the media’s true understanding to a consistent or a tunable level at each required stage. The emergence is important but should have an objective behind it. The successful journalist is the one who has all the necessary expertise and competence in his daily practice, by combining academic study with practical application. Study is not enough and the practitioner without knowledge turns out to be a hostage to the flaws and lack of perfection, and becomes a victim of superficial media. therefore, Our Media Training Center was launched, where media intellects raise the learners to the highest level of knowledge and skill. Prepare them in a real work environment where genuine professional operations are carried out every day.

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Who We Are

“Our Media Group” is an Emirati media organization based in Dubai and established by media specialists in Public Relation, Marketing Solution, Events Management, Newsgathering and TV Production, where the intensive quality of experiences has merged the subjective editorial with the artistic and the technical creativity from planning to execution. “Thinking Out of The Box” Is Our Media slogan and guidance based on long history of dealing with both international and local media networks, including the governmental authorities. Innovation is our master key targeting to be the main source for distinguished media production and comprehensive mass and social media.

What We Do

Our Media Training Center is the first Emirati media training center, where both academic and practical training is conducted in a professional media environment, with relevance to operational studios and the classrooms are equipped with all the equipment and tools used in satellite TV channels and other media organizations. Our Media Training Center is specialized in media training and consultancy. It relies on professional trainers who have been creative in all formats of media production and have experience in developing media skills academically with practical operations.

What we do
Mahmood UAS

Dr. Mahmood Rahma - Our Founder

Mahmood Rahma the founder and CEO of “our Media” was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He joined Aljazeera satellite Network in 2002 and was the first UAE citizen to join Aljazeera Channel in Qatar that time. Proudly he was the only Emirati media man who was hired to work abroad beside the media celebrities in the Arab world. Mahmood remained in Aljazeera as a team leader in the newsroom department specialized in Newsgathering desk for over 9 years, before returning back to his country “UAE” to work for Baynonah Media Group as a current affairs Manager and then as a “Media Specialist” for the Presidential Court. Throughout his career Mahmood showed a lot of creativity and professional solutions in Media and newsgathering. Proudly he is the writer of “Newsgathering in Satellite Channels” book, the only book written in this field. Throughout his career, he demonstrated creativity and professional solutions in Media and PR, that includes Writing Speeches of the Presidential Court leaders and ministers in deferent occasion, writing and preparation of official press release, media monitoring and management and working closely with other departments in connection with Developing strategies in regard to PR and Media. Mahmood covered allot of events and news around the world, enclosing summits, presidential elections and wars internationally, beside that he is holding a doctoral degree in media and public relations, and he is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), in addition he is a certified trainer by The International Academy of Arts, Media, and Creativity (IAAMC) and International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT). Following his enthusiasm and his vision of the importance of media, Mahmood Rahma founded “Our Media Group” in 2013, to apply innovations in media, events, news and PR practices, and established a well-equipped training center in Dubai called “Our Media Training and development center”. and PR and Marketing agency.