Legal regulation of the media in the UAE

Media in the UAE is considered one of the most important and fastest growing fields. As the media field in the country witnessed several different stages, which led to the need to develop a legislative and legal framework that regulates the process of the media industry, media institutions and media content, leading to the regulation of digital media and social media platforms.

Body language and Public speaking – Advanced level

The body language and public speaking course at its advanced level enables participants to read other people’s body gestures with confidence .. In addition to job applicants passing job interviews with unparalleled success.

The Principle of body language in Public speaking

It is about defining body language in general and how to read the language of the hands, feet, eyes and head in daily dealings, through which a person can be aware of everything that is going on around him when dealing with others and also differentiates between honest and liar people in their speech.

Digital content creation for social media

Digital literacy is a skill set that can vary greatly depending on many factors. The digital content industry is increasingly developing, with 44% of companies in the world hiring more.

The Impossible Dream

In this workshop, the trainee will be able to know how to reach his dreams and goals, which he deems impossible in his eyes.

The Art of Managing Emotions

The course explains the concept and representative of emotional intelligence in people of different ages, and highlights the extent of self-awareness and motivation and the balance between optimism and pessimism.

Made To Stick

Why do certain ideas take root while others die? How do we improve the chances of success for important ideas? These are the two most important points that we will discuss in the workshop

Writing for the image

Writing for the image may sometimes seem a simple process that does not go beyond description or repetition, so to speak, or it may be a process that requires a lot of skill and creativity.

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