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Young Anchor

TV presentation is no longer limited to adults only, but there are children who have the talent of presenting and media appearance, and there are children who are motivated by their ambition to enter the world of TV presentation from the young age through social media channels and YouTube or through TV channels. This course aims to refine children’s skills and introduce them to the world of TV presentation to create a generation of young anchors from the prime of their lives until they reach the stage of creativity in adulthood.

Social Media Marketing Secrets

Social Media Marketing Secrets

The course path is geared towards learning online business, using the participatory approach as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including presentation, discussions, group work, video discussions, questions and answers, hands-on sessions, small and large group exercises, and simulations.

Tv Presentation

Tv Presentation – Online Only

This online course is part of our TV Presentation Diploma course for those who can’t attend the main course at the studio, and they would

Tv Presentation

Tv Presentation Diploma

Being a TV presenter is far from simply standing in front of a camera and smiling – the role of the TV presenter is to be the face of the production team and to deliver the content of the program in an informed and entertaining way. This course is for any young person who aspires to be a TV presenter and students will learn the very distinct set of skills needed to present live television and capture audience attention.

Events Management Course

Events management from A to Z

This is a 5 days bespoke course which will guide you on the comprehensive steps an Event Manager shall do starting from 1st meeting &  pitching the client up until the job report submission. The contents of this course are simplified yet holistic at the same time.

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