E- Marketing

When we talk about marketing, we mean marketing anything, and it is not necessary for the marketing to be for a specific product. Rather, it may be marketing for a specific idea or a person, the most important thing is how the marketing process takes place. You design it. This course will put the participants on the beginning of the road in the e-marketing industry with professionalism and creativity and take advantage of the time and place elements to reach the consumer.

Communication (genesis and evolution)

Digital Marketing Diploma

The essence of digital marketing lies in the promotion of products or services on a social media platform, and there is no doubt that it differs greatly from other types of marketing. in this course, you will learn the basics of digital marketing and the most important marketing strategies to apply in the plan of any project, and will also shed light on how to build and launch marketing campaigns and build marketing strategies in a proper and effective way. The course will also discuss how to use social media sites optimally for this purpose and find out the target group for your project. You will also focus on the most important social media marketing tools and Google that will help you create, distribute and promote products and services. You will learn the best ways to track and measure the ads you make on all E-platforms. At the end of the course, as a trainee you will be able to increase your sales and design successful marketing plans for your project.

Media Campaign Management

Media Campaign Management

When trying to capture the attention of a specific audience, it is important to know exactly the demographic we want to attract and what will attract them in the most effective way. Media campaigns are a plan of action that helps our business to reach the target audience and improve the overall customer orientation rate.

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