November 2021

Dubbing and Voiceover


In Dubbing and Voiceover course , we offer more than a voice talent, we are here to support your success and help you make an impact. To do that we utilize practical professional methods in providing superiority expertise, being mindful of your deadlines and exceeding your expectations. Whether you are building e-learning modules or creating a globally impactful commercial, we are here to help you voice it. we guide you through the stages of voice-over production, delivering personalized service and ensuring your project is successful.

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Media Skills for Public Relations


Public relations and the media are two sides of the same coin, and media skills in public relations mean the ability to meaningful communication to convey positive messages and values ​​to improve and enhance the mental image of the institution through an effective communication network based on a strategic plan in communication.

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Media Handling Skills


This training course is designed to make the concerned and responsible persons familiar with the basics and rules of dealing with the media in real conditions, in addition to providing the participants with a lot of skills related to understanding the media tools and the media in general.

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E- Marketing


When we talk about marketing, we mean marketing anything, and it is not necessary for the marketing to be for a specific product. Rather, it may be marketing for a specific idea or a person, the most important thing is how the marketing process takes place. You design it. This course will put the participants on the beginning of the road in the e-marketing industry with professionalism and creativity and take advantage of the time and place elements to reach the consumer.

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October 2021

The Art of Public speaking


You are a student, teacher, employee, director, politician or anyone who is exposed to speaking in front of the public, from here begins the story of your success or failure in life. Success does not lie and the effect is achieved if we do not have the skill of speaking and distinguished presentation. Speaking in front of the audience without fears requires life and training experiences and advice as well. Many of us, when confronting the audience and speaking before them, suffer from stuttering and lack of self-confidence, and this session is your first step to stand in front of the audience and talk to them With confidence and courtesy.

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Time Management


Time management helps you set your priorities. Good and organized time management leads to business efficiency. Planning what you need to do lets you act early and move on to the work you need to do at the right time. It is important to create a list and prioritize the most important items on your working days.

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Global Journalist Diploma


In this course, and over a period of 3 months, you will learn how to become a comprehensive professional journalist, practicing the media in all its forms and virtual and new means in Delivering messages and production, so that you become aware of all media process and stages to reach the audience in a professional manner.

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September 2021

Public Relations Diploma


This program aims to monitor academic and professional transformations in public relations, and to discuss many issues related to planning, management, evaluation, and awareness of crises and all that those working in the field of public relations should have in terms of knowledge and strength in practicing the profession.

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