Our Accreditedtations

"None of us was born a scientist or a thinker. Each of us studied and learned from others, worked hard and was creative in his field. Continuing education and information and ideas gathering are among the secrets of success until reaching the goal and obtaining the accredited professional titles."
Mahmood Rahma
Mahmood Rahma
Accredited Media Consultant

International Academy of Arts, Media, and Creativity Accredited Certificates

The International Academy of Arts, Media, and Creativity was established in the United States of America in 2008. The Academy devoted its efforts to lay down a practical and strategic framework to organize and develop training and learning in the diverse and vibrant arts and media specializations to enhance societies’ progress and ensure and improve the quality of life. We also work to increase media awareness and education with positive dimensions and high professional experience to provide various training options for talented people to master innovative methods and contemporary practices and explore their wide potential.

American Management Institute Accredited Certificates

The American Management Institute supports effective management systems by applying evaluation and development systems for the education and management training sectors to increase quality and raise efficiency by using high-level standards to meet international accreditation systems requirements.In light of the rapid pace of technology and business worldwide, it had designed a training approach that fits the business community’s needs, leaders, and employees to develop their capabilities and generate expert business leaders in management. It had provided qualitative programs to build knowledge and skills and thus renew and innovate to meet contemporary challenges and occupy a prestigious and advanced position.Our Media Training and Development Center and the AMI believes in promoting excellence in management education and training in modern ways and a unique vision and flexibility in applying them using new technologies and skills to support organizational growth and enable employees to meet the expected needs in their departments and departments with the highest excellence levels.