Media Campaign Management

When trying to capture the attention of a specific audience, it is important to know exactly the demographic we want to attract and what will attra…

The Impossible Dream

In this workshop, the trainee will be able to know how to reach his dreams and goals, which he deems impossible in his eyes.

The Art of Managing Emotions

The course explains the concept and representative of emotional intelligence in people of different ages, and highlights the extent of self-awarene…

Made To Stick

Why do certain ideas take root while others die? How do we improve the chances of success for important ideas? These are the two most important poi…

Writing for the image

Writing for the image may sometimes seem a simple process that does not go beyond description or repetition, so to speak, or it may be a process th…

Draw your imagination in Photoshop

Photoshop, is the first program in the world from Adobe to deal with and modify images, and not only that … but also for designing logos and many…

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are computer graphics that use video and/or animation to show an imaginary movement scene or a changing appearance.

Basics and secrets of final cut pro

In this course we will talk about all the tools that are used in editing in the final cut pro program and the secrets and subtleties of the program…

Charisma Media Appearance

The charisma is that when we stand on the stage speaking in front of the audience and they are attracted to us blindly.

Creative Writing

In this course, we will learn about the arts of creative writing and its basics.

Arabic Calligraphy

In this workshop, we will learn more about Arabic calligraphy, and how to be creative with it, especially the Wissam line.

Acrylic Pouring

In this workshop we will learn the basics of acrylic art and pouring arts.