Seven steps to success in life

Seven steps to success in life

I read this book by Jeffrey J. Meyer giving you hundreds of useful ideas, methods and policies that will help you succeed in your life. Success in Journey is an applied book that helps you achieve what you want in your life as long as you can continue to refine your ideas and follow the scientific yelling that you will be able to learn the seven steps to success.

Step 1: Successful people have a solution Step

Step  2: Successful people have a master plan of action

 Step 3: Winners harvest results Step

Step 4: Successful people are responsible for their time Step

Step  5: Successful people have relationships with prominent people

 Step 6: Successful people recognize important people in their lives

 Step7: Successful people struggle for excellence …

 You live only one life but you have the opportunity to make it a wonderful life ..

Brian Tracy, one of the pioneers of human development, says that only a few people are successful in their lives, but there are certain possibilities and means to facilitate the success of those who may not at first think of me in the financial, social, family, and scientific aspects.

1 – Sense of tranquility and tranquility and peace of mind Life does not pass without suffering and worries, but the soul, when it is filled with faith and connected to God, does not take long until it returns and returns to tranquility and peace of mind

 2 – Enjoy a good amount of energy and vitality In order to achieve the distance from laziness and inactivity, you must eat healthy food and exercise well, and do periodic check-ups and do not neglect in your health

3. Building relationships with people It was one of the most urged by the Prophet peace be upon him that the familiarity between people is one of the most important reasons people enter paradise

4 – physical and non-need
Debt is working to disturb the human condition and therefore we must not increase them and work to improve our financial situation so that our lives are stable enough to ensure happiness and need for others

5 – the existence of goals of value in the lives of people One of the most important things that causes happiness to humans is to have a goal that you seek as someone who has a ship and knows very well where he is going and in his hand the compass that sets his path to him only to care about the way and the challenges that are facing

6. Sense of self-fulfillment The most important reasons that make a person feel happy and that he can achieve his goal is to accomplish what is required of him and not invent the excuses and justifications for relaxation

Here’s a suggested way to achieve goals

-the desire

– Confidence

– Write down your goals

– Select your benefit

– Specify where you are now

– Set an appointment to reach the goal

– Identify the obstacles that you need

– Select the information needed to reach the goal

– Number of people who need their help

– Draw an action plan

 – Imagine that your goal has been achieved


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