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Dr. Mahmood Rahma

Media Now

Media Now days is the key factor in changing the direction of the events compass and influencing public opinion. Media is a medium for transmitting or directing information to the public.
Therefore, the next coming decade or two are dedicated to Media and Technology as an alternative to economic Resources. Due to this we see extensive increase in development in both these sectors at varies Levels, so we must revive the media’s true understanding to a consistent or a tunable level at each required stage. The emergence is important but should have an objective behind it. The successful journalist is the one who has all the necessary expertise and competence in his daily practice, by combining academic study with practical application. Study is not enough and the practitioner without knowledge turns out to be a hostage to the flaws and lack of perfection, and becomes a victim of superficial media.
therefore, Our Media Training Center was launched, where media intellects raise the learners to the highest level of knowledge and skill. Prepare them in a real work environment where genuine professional operations are carried out every day.

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